Blockchain Development & Consulting Services for Startups

Rushing to find an effective team to develop a solid project?

It’s time to outsource your blockchain development.

Blockchain technology is here to stay. Every industry is feeling the blockchain buzz as sector after sector seeks out distributed ledger solutions. According to Statista, investment in blockchain startups has surged in the last two years. The time is right to leverage this innovative technology.

What is Blaize?

We are your business partner, not just a contractor. We focus on your business objectives and deal primarily with your business goals, not just with your TOR.

We support small and medium businesses that do not have enough time or resources to develop blockchain solutions. If you’re excited about your project but daunted by the prospect of hiring a team capable of delivering your vision, our experts are here to turn that dream into reality.


blockchain experts in our team


years of experience in blockchain development field

We offer services that go

Beyond our clients’ expectations

We quickly adapt to changes in trends, providing market-driven solutions

We strive to deliver and share information on how to best utilize our solution, increasing value and enhancing the outcome

We will endeavor to provide services that suit your vision, whatever your budget

We understand the pain of launching and growing a startup effectively with limited time and money

We offer a range of services

How does it work?

Clarifying needs

List of high-level requirements
Project size assessment
Workshop proposal

Starategy and concept workshop

Document features and requirements for MVP Project plan with risks, budgeting and release strategy
Proposal development, SOW

Design and development

Product ready for production deployment
Documentation describing product features
Technical documentation
Release plan

Launch and support

Product launch in production environment
Support and maintenance process
Dedicated/extended team proposal



We are keen to work with new startups. We provide a fixed price quote or estimate servicing depending on the nature of the work. That’s why our experts treat every project as if it is their own and communicate with you regularly to supply progress updates.

Have no idea

Unsure where to start?

Our team can offer a consultation to discuss all your ideas and help your business take the next step


  • Prototyping

    Planning, designing and shaping the first draft of the fully functional model

  • Consulting and Audit

    Technical and economic project audit, use cases

  • Modeling

    Designing, verifying tokenomics and business processes

Our expertise includes blockchain engineering, blockchain consulting, and blockchain development services.

From conducting a security audit to the development of all types of software and UI/UX design, you will benefit from a productive team that’s focused on helping your startup grow.

What we do?

  • Blockchain ecosystems

    Sidechaines, state channels, atomic swaps, consensus algorithms blockchain architecture

  • Decentralized application

    Crypto wallets, crypto games, identity management tools, DEXs CEXs

  • Smart contracts

    Smart contract development Security audit Token emission Peer review Assessment of architecture

  • Devleoper tools

    SDKs APIs Protocols starters projects Web/mobile app components Bots

  • Enterprise DLTs

    HiperLedger Qorum Corda Supply chains Bussines integrations

  • Blockchain integration

    CEXs Wallet integration Cryptocurrency payments Smart contracts integration Blockchain interaction Bots

Use cases

We are super proud of our partners and clients who’ve helped us grow. Over 100 smart contracts have been created and deployed. Find out more about our company and check our large portfolio of more than 30 successfully completed projects so far:

Everstake runs highly secure and reliable nodes for PoS protocols using the enterprise-level hardware to ensure maximum efficiency and security.

Remme is a distributed public key infrastructure protocol and ‍PKI-enabled apps for the modern web

GEO Protocol is an open-source overlay protocol that enables creation and interoperability of value transfer networks.

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