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Blockchain Development & Consulting Services for Startups

Seeking an effective team to develop a solid product?

It’s time to outsource your blockchain development.

Blockchain technology is here to stay. Every industry is feeling the blockchain buzz as sector after sector seeks out distributed ledger solutions. According to Statista, investment in blockchain startups has surged in the last two years. The time is right to leverage this innovative technology.

Our Approach

We are your business partner, not just a contractor. We deal primarily with your business objectives rather than merely with your TOR.

We are here for small and medium businesses that need to develop a blockchain solution, but do not have enough expertise, time or resources. If you are really excited about your idea, yet don’t know where to start, our experts will help to turn this dream into reality.

We are keen to work with new startups. Your business prosperity is our main goal. Based on the former experience our team has worked out a convenient and flexible working approach. Blaize deals with both, the fixed price and time-and-material quotes depending on your preferences and work nature. After launching a project, our experts communicate with you regularly in order to provide all progress updates.


blockchain experts in our team


years of experience in blockchain development field


From conducting a security audit to the development of all types software and UI/UX design. With Blaize you will benefit from a productive team which is focused on your startup growth.

What we do?

    • Cryptocurrencies from scratch
    • Blockchain forks
    • Blockchain based platforms
    • Blockchain nodes
    • Cross-chain bridges
    • DeFi applications
    • Decentralized exchanges
    • DAO - Decentralized autonomous organization
    • Staking platforms
    • Crypto wallets
    • Crypto games
    • Smart contracts
    • Stablecoin development
    • Security audits
    • Token emission and distribution
    • SDKs
    • APIs
    • Online/Offline IDEs
    • Plugins
    • Governance (voting) systems
    • Logistics solutions
    • Supply chains
    • Compliance system
    • Centralized exchange
    • Blockchain based micropayment services
    • Decentralized marketplaces
    • CRM/ERP blockchain integration

Unsure where to start?

Describe your idea and we help your startup to make the next step

    *You can safely share your idea with us and be sure it’s protected by our Non Disclosure Agreement

    We offer services that go

    Beyond our clients expectations


    Client oriented approach

    We understand the pain of launching and growing a successful startup with limited time and money and ready to guide you through every stage.



    With our team of experts you will get the high-quality product in a short time.



    Blaize strives to provide service which suits your vision, whatever the budget is. That is why we support new startups with automatically applied discounts to our regular project rate. We will also provide you with the project’s budget report for your investor.

    24 hours

    Project support services

    We understand all difficulties you face during the production stage and are ready to provide you with 24/7 support.


    IP rights preserving

    We guarantee full Intellectual Property rights handover after project deployment.

    How does it work?


    Clarifying needs

    List of high-level requirements
    Project size assessment
    Workshop proposal


    Starategy and concept workshop

    Document features and requirements for MVP Project plan with risks, budgeting and release strategy
    Proposal development, SOW


    Design and development

    Product ready for production deployment
    Documentation describing product features
    Technical documentation
    Release plan


    Launch and support

    Product launch in production environment
    Support and maintenance process
    Dedicated/extended team proposal

    Use cases

    We are very grateful to our partners and clients for helping us grow. Find out more about our successfully completed projects:

    The snglDAO is a non-profit governance layer of SNGLS Protocol created with the aim of uphold the tenets of decentralization and instill them into the protocol programming.

    GEO Protocol is an open-source overlay protocol that enables creation and interoperability of value transfer networks.

    Remme is a distributed public key infrastructure protocol which provides PKI-enabled apps for the modern web

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