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Blockchain Development consulting

The Blaize team provides complex NFT token development services. We can help your business build a full-fledged NFT marketplace, a fascinating gaming platform, or even an entire ecosystem around your NFT tokens.

Our team offers the following

consulting services


  • – Crypto wallets
  • – Blockchain forks
  • – Blockchain-based platforms
  • – Blockchain nodes
  • – Cross-chain bridges
  • – Off-chain workers, price feeds, and other components


  • – DeFi applications
  • – Decentralized exchanges
  • – DAO – Decentralized autonomous organizations
  • – Staking platforms
  • – Crypto games
  • – Governance (voting) systems


  • – Smart contracts
  • – Stablecoin development
  • – Security audits
  • – Token emission and distribution
  • – NFT and tokenization


  • – SDKs
  • – APIs
  • – Online/Offline IDEs
  • – Plugins


  • – Governance (voting) systems
  • – Logistics solutions
  • – Supply chains
  • – Compliance systems


  • – Centralized exchanges
  • – Blockchain-based micropayment services
  • – Decentralized marketplaces
  • – CRM/ERP blockchain integration
  • – On-chain data aggregation services

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Blaize is a leading blockchain consulting firm that has been helping companies worldwide for over 5 years. We provide consultations and development services according to our clients’ requirements and industry best practices.

Excited to share with you the third case for LeagueDAO! After the Basketball League and Nomo Fantasy League launch, Blaize started working with Lea...

5 months

LeagueDAO is a decentralized open-source project which developed a tokenized fantasy sports protocol named Nomo Fantasy Leagues. This time the task...

3 months

OMOMO is a money market protocol with native financial tools. Lend, borrow, trade with leverage and utilize derivatives on NEAR.

9 months

Major platforms

we work on









Secret Network




benefits of blockchain consulting & development

for your business

fast fundraising

Powered by blockchain, 
your business can raise funds fast and with minimal effort by means of an IPO, ICO, or IDO.

high security

Blockchain technology provides high data and funds security by encrypting records and making hacker attacks almost impossible.


Decentralized solutions allow you to expand the potential of your business and eliminate the chances 
of a single point of failure.


Smart contracts at the heart of a protocol enable automation, eliminating the need for any escrow or manual paperwork.

safe funds flow

With blockchain development consulting services, you facilitate budget management and get a safe funds flow.

Reliable data backup

Blockchain technology enables recording data in numerous temper-proof blocks, which ensures data security.

A short outline of

Our cooperation


Clarifying needs & requirements

With skilled analysts in the team, 
our decentralized application development firm doesn't blindly follow requirements 
but helps you build the most efficient 
and budget-friendly software.

Creating a concept & delivery strategY

All experts in our agency have profound knowledge and understanding of the current market, which allows us to create successful dApps, DAOs, DEXes and much more.

Design & development

Our decentralized application development company will help you build a highly secure, unique product that will stand out among competitors and attract new users 
and investors.

Final review & upgrades

With our experienced blockchain developers, you don’t need to ask for extra revisions. 
We’ll make sure that the dApp works flawlessly before deploying the final product.

Product launch and support

Blaize is one of the leading dApp development companies that will support you throughout the whole development process and even after launch.

Our most common


Project-based Model

Get blockchain consulting and development services at a fixed price based on the scope of work of your project.

Dedicated Development Team

Get a dedicated team of blockchain developers working on your project according to our flexible time and materials payment scheme.

Find more answers in the

faq section

What to look for when hiring a blockchain consulting company?

When searching for blockchain development consultants, pay attention to their experience, case studies, and reviews you can find online. It is essential for the provider to offer development services as well, not just consultations – this way, you can be sure that you are dealing with experts.


Another essential thing to consider is that the company you hire needs to have their own specialists with narrow specialization: backend and frontend developers, devOps, engineers to cover all the needs. Universal specialists are not an option for high-quality development, so narrow specialization is a must.

What kind of blockchain consulting services does Blaize provide?

Blaize specialists offer various consulting solutions depending on the type of project you are working on and your requirements. 


We develop blockchain software and provide consultations in the following areas:

  • Blockchain nodes, consensus adjusting
  • Crypto wallets
  • Blockchain networks and custom ladders
  • Smart contracts for different chains and ecosystems
  • DeFi applications, DEXes, DAOs, staking platforms
  • Stablecoins, custom tokens, and tokenization platforms
  • NFT marketplaces, NFT collections, GameFi, Play2Earn, and crypto gaming mechanics
  • Bridges and other cross-chain solutions
  • Decentralized storage layers
  • Enterprise solutions: governance, logistics, supply chains
  • Developer tools
  • Blockchain integration
Can I hire a dedicated blockchain development consultant from Blaize?

Sure. Contact our team to find out more about the ways of collaboration and discuss your project.

How does blockchain technology consulting help my business?

With our consulting services, you’ll be able to build a secure and highly efficient product that will quickly attract the attention of the community. 


Our experienced developers will show you the correct tools to use, advise on blockchain integration, and provide strategy consulting if that’s what you need.

What is the average cost of blockchain development consulting?

The price of our blockchain consulting varies depending on your project scope and requirements. Contact our team to get the approximate cost calculated based on your product specifications.

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