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About Us


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The world is run by rules, whether we like it or not. To move things forward, you have to know the rules.

But we also know that the old rules aren’t perfect! A new decentralized world is on the horizon. It emerges with every new idea, every line of code, and every block in a chain.

We are at the forefront of these fundamental changes, working diligently to bring them to life. While understanding the old rules, we forge the new ones!

We are your business partner, not just a blockchain development outsourcing firm. Our blockchain development firm focuses on your business objectives and deals primarily with your business goals, not just with your TOR.

We are focused on custom blockchain development solutions, having vast experience in this industry  for a long time, and deep expertise in every part of the blockchain ecosystem.

Our blockchain development agency can complete any complex task, whatever its size. You don’t need to outsource it to different specialists.

We have experience as a part of the client’s team and as an outsourced subcontractor. All our work processes are tuned so we can easily join any team on different terms.

We do not support russian aggression and don’t work with russian companies.

We take care of


Blaize as a blockchain development team provides a wide range of outsourced blockchain software development services. This includes building blockchain ecosystems, smart contracts, dApps, as well as integrating blockchains and enterprise solutions.

Blockchain ecosystems

We offer elaborate blockchain development services for different networks and ecosystems.

  • Cryptocurrencies from scratch
  • Blockchain forks
  • Blockchain based platforms
  • Blockchain nodes
  • Cross-chain bridges

Developer tools

Attract new external developers to your protocol by building a vast set of developer tools.

  • SDK
  • API
  • Online/Offline IDE
  • Plugins

Enterprise solutions

Bring your company to the next level with innovative technologies and services.

  • Governance (voting) systems
  • Blockchain based micropayment service
  • Supply chains

Blockchain integration

Expand the possibilities of your business by integrating custom blockchain solutions.

  • Centralized exchange
  • Blockchain based micropayment services
  • Decentralized marketplaces
  • CRM/ERP blockchain integration

We provide different


Security audit

A detailed and comprehensive review of code vulnerabilities as well as recommendations on their elimination.

Technical due diligence

A detailed independent inspection made by Blaize auditors followed by the general assessment of the platform or protocol.

Hire the Blaize team to

Get top-quality blockchain development services

We use the following


As a web3 development firm, Blaize only hires highly specialized developers with a proven track record. That’s why we can handle any task or project, even the most complex ones.

BNB Chain
Secret Network

A short outline of

our cooperation

Clarifying needs & requirements
With experienced business analysts in a blockchain development team, we don’t blindly follow customers’ requirements but help them find the most efficient and budget-friendly solution.
Creating a concept and a full strategY
Our blockchain development company has profound knowledge and understanding of the current market, which allows us to create successful products.
Design & development
Blaize blockchain developers will help you build a highly secure, unique protocol that will stand out among competitors and catch the eye of new users and investors.
Final review & fixes
With the Blaize blockchain development outsourcing services, you don’t need to ask for extra revisions. We’ll make sure that the product works flawlessly.
Product launch and support
Our agency will support you throughout the whole development process, starting from a product idea and up until launch and beyond.

Our most common

engagement MODELS

Model Logo
Project-based Model
Get a custom platform design along with any other services you might need (expert consultations, product design, smart contract audits, etc.) at a fixed price.
Model Logo
Dedicated Development Team
Get a dedicated team of blockchain developers working on your project according to our flexible time and materials payment scheme.

We are proud to call them


Find more answers in the

FAQ Section

Do you provide blockchain project development consulting?

Yes. Blaize provides blockchain tech consulting services, which include blockchain protocol selection for your project and/or technology trade-offs check.

Do you make custom blockchain development?

Blaize is a web 3 software development company with an emphasis on blockchain technology. Custom outsourcing blockchain development for startups and enterprises is our main focus.

Do you offer blockchain application development?

Yes. Blaize specializes in decentralized applications development. Our main focus is turned to DeFi applications development, DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, staking platforms, crypto wallets, crypto games and decentralized exchanges.

What blockchain technologies do you work with?

Our developers specialize in the following blockchain technologies: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, NEAR, Aurora, Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche, Secret Network, StarkNet, Dfinity, Klayth.

Where is your blockchain software development company located?

Blaize is located in Ukraine. Our developers work from Kyiv and Dnipro while our CEO is ready to meet you at any location worldwide.

Do you provide project support & maintenance services?

Yes. Blaize offers complex solutions that further can be maintained by our blockchain development team post product launch.

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