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Crypto Token Development Company

Token Creation Services

Blaize is an experienced team of blockchain developers who have been providing token development services for over 5 years. Our expertise covers multiple utility token standards, NFTs, and stablecoins.

Token development

services we provide

  • Utility tokens (ERC20, ERC777, NEP141)
  • Staking contracts development
  • Token functionality expansion Tokenomics preparation
  • Tokensale contracts development
  • NFT development (ERC721, ERC1155)
  • Voting contracts and integration into DAO
  • Token integration into the protocol
  • Vesting contracts for the token
  • Stablecoin and pegged asset development

We work with several

Token standards


Token Development Services

ERC20 tokens are the most common option when developing your own cryptocurrency. They are rather easy to create and maintain and grant you access to the vast Ethereum ecosystem, which is beneficial both for your business and users.
  • – Custom ERC20 token development
  • – Ownership and custom access control
  • – Additional standards support: EIP712  (signature checks), EIP2612 (permit),  EIP3009 (transfer with authorization)
  • – Integration into the protocol
  • – Token deployment
  • – Token distribution, integration  into vesting/staking
  • – On-demand mint and burn


Token Development Services

NEP141 is the improved standard token of the NEAR ecosystem that is considered an equivalent of the ERC20 tokens on Ethereum.
  • – Custom NEP141 token development
  • – Ownership and custom access control
  • – dApp integration with storage management
  • – Integration into the protocol
  • – Token deployment
  • – Token distribution, integration into vesting/staking
  • – On-demand mint and burn

On top of utility tokens, Blaize developers can design and deploy NFTs (ERC721 and NEP171) and stablecoins. Contact our team to learn more about these opportunities and create a custom solution for your business.

Get to know more

about us

Our crypto token development company always sticks to the core values: transparency, expertise and creativity. We are sure that only by sharing these values can we achieve the best possible results when integrating into the client’s team. Try us and see for yourself!


years of experience in the blockchain research and development field


top experts in the blockchain industry are in our team


successfully completed projects


hours spent on grant blockchain development

Benefits of token development

for your business

fast fundraising

Powered by blockchain, your business can raise funds fast and with minimal effort by means of an IPO, ICO, or IDO.

high security

Blockchain technology provides high data and funds security by encrypting records and making hacker attacks almost impossible.


Decentralized solutions allow you to expand the potential of your business and eliminate the chances of a single point of failure.


Smart contracts at the heart of a protocol enable automation, eliminating the need for any escrow or manual paperwork.

safe funds flow

With crypto token development and integration, you facilitate your budget management and get a safe funds flow.

high liquidity

Tokens provide better liquidity and allow you to monetize multiple products and services that your company provides.

Take a look at our


Blaize is a leading token development company. We specialize in building blockchain protocols, developing crypto tokens and NFTs, decentralized applications, wallets, DEXes, and other DeFi solutions for companies around the globe. Besides, we offer consulting services to those customers who are not sure what would fit their project best.

The development of the initial soulbound token MVP that will be later used in the closed beta for the Soul Search project.

3 weeks

As a result of our work, the Hackless team has received a well-designed, standard for DeFi, staking system written in Solidity.

4 weeks

Developed a DeFi platform, DeHive, offering yield-generating crypto indexes and automatic compounding staking pools, powered by the DHV token.

8 months

for crypto token development services


Blaize is a reliable partner in the world of blockchain solutions. Our development firm can build a secure crypto token, integrate it into your existing solution or create a brand new protocol from scratch, and conduct detailed audits to boost the security of your project.

custom projects

Our highly skilled crypto token developers have been building custom blockchain solutions for 5+ years and have mastered the required technologies.

narrow specialization

Our team is composed of experts solely focused on blockchain, so they have a deep knowledge of both popular blockchains and new solutions.

convenient collaboration

Blaize offers different engagement models, allowing you to hire the whole team or just a few specialists. This helps us build efficient collaboration anytime.

fast development

Blaize experts can start working within two weeks, offering established processes and full-stack turn-key services if that’s what you need.

Hire the Blaize team to

develop and launch a popular, highly secure crypto token

A short outline of

Our cooperation

Clarifying needs & requirements

With skilled analysts in the team, Blaize doesn't blindly follow requirements but helps you build the most efficient and budget-friendly software. We provide only those token creation services that you need.

Creating a concept and a full strategY

All experts in our agency have profound knowledge and understanding of the current market, which allows us to conduct successful tokensales, launch dApps, DAOs, DEXes, etc.

Design & development

Our crypto token developers will help you build a highly secure, unique solution and launch a memorable tokensale that will attract new users and investors.

Final review & fixes

With our experienced blockchain developers, you don’t need to ask for extra revisions. We’ll make sure that your token is flawless before deploying the final product.

token launch and support

Blaize provides top-notch crypto token creation services. We will support you throughout the whole development process and even after the token generation event.

Find more answers in the

faq section

What kind of tokens should I choose for my project?

Your choice of the token standard depends on the goals you are pursuing and the type of project you are building.


If you are not sure what kind of token you should develop, Blaize experts can consult you and help you choose the most suitable token standard.

Where do I find qualified crypto token developers?

Hiring experienced developers with narrow expertise in the blockchain industry might take some time. We highly advise you to check customer reviews and look through case studies to choose the right team.


If you are looking for a reliable outsourced team, choose Blaize. Our team has been working in blockchain development for over 5 years and have successfully completed 70+ projects.


Contact our team to get all the details and discuss the ways of possible collaboration.

How many developers can you allocate to work with me?

Our company offers several engagement models with different conditions. This allows you to stay flexible and choose the number of developers according to your project requirements.

How much does crypto token development cost?

The final price of the token development depends on many factors, including the tech stack, business requirements, and the amount of time our developers spend on your project.


To find out the approximate price of your token, drop us a line and provide all the necessary details so that we can calculate the price individually.

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