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Software Development

The Blaize team provides complex NFT token development services. We can help your business build a full-fledged NFT marketplace, a fascinating gaming platform, or even an entire ecosystem around your NFT tokens.

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About us

All Blaize employees view transparency, expertise and creativity as the core values. We believe that only by integrating into the client’s team and sharing these values can we achieve the best possible results and create the most efficient solutions. Try us and see for yourself!


years of experience 
in the blockchain research 
and development field


top experts in the blockchain industry 
in our team


successfully launched NFT projects


unique NFT collections 
deployed so far

We provide different

NFT Development Services

Our talented software engineers can help you with any kind 
of NFT development, including NFT collections, marketplaces, 
and entire gaming platforms. With Blaize, you get high quality, 
fast results, and full project support from the initial concept 
to deployment, and beyond.

NFT collection 

We develop storefronts, token searches, listings and filters, ratings, auctions, ERC721 & ERC1155 tokens, NFT explorers, metadata storage services, and wallet integrations. We can also help with custom NFT minting and launch.

NFT Marketplace Development

Blaize experts can help you create a full-scale NFT marketplace, including the integartion of payment providers, dashboards, and an NFT collections explorer. Also, we can integrate blockchain networks into your platform.

NFT Gaming Platform Development

Gaming platform development includes taking care of verified transactions history, game mechanics, custom smart contracts, web3 functionality integration, and NFT value support.

nft play2earn 
project development

Blaize development team is an expert in NFT utility. We can develop a full-scale NFT Play2Earn project with custom game mechanics, a full set of smart contracts, integrated payment providers, and much more.

NFT-based defi protocol Development

Our team can help you maintain liquidity with NFTs, develop NFT-based DeFi protocols, NFT bonds, deposit/loan positions, NFT lending solutions, and modern 
NFT utility.

other related

On top of NFT development, our experts can offer smart contract deployment, system support and maintenance, metadata storage, various third-party integrations, and more.

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LeagueDAO is a decentralized open-source project which developed a tokenized fantasy sports protocol named Nomo Fantasy Leagues. This time the task...

3 months

CryptoBear Watch Club is a platform that has a collection of 10,000 NFTs. All CryptoBear NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockcha...

1 week

The main task consisted of a smart-contract system that comprised of NFT token, oracle, fantasy league games, and strategy for earning yield from Q...

6 months

Blaize was involved in decentralized betting platform development from the initial project planning to the mainnet deployment. This project require...

2 months

Breaker is the content distribution platform which focuses on the video, series and has a blockchain part. The task was to expand the project archi...

4 weeks

Crypto Collective is an online community located primarily on Discord where its members connect & discuss topics relating to cryptocurrency and NFT...

1 day

Benefits of Smart Contracts

for your business


Raising funds through NFTs and other digital assets is often much more effective than approaching traditional banks and venture funds for investments.


All operations with NFT assets are conducted through decentralized networks, enabling full data authenticity and bringing trust and transparency.

Brand awareness

Launching unique NFT tokens and collections can help you drive brand awareness of your business and attract more customers and supporters.

Strong community

A properly launched NFT collection can help you gain access to a wider audience, raise brand awareness, and build a strong community of brand advocates.


for NFT development

Blaize is a reliable partner in the world of blockchain software development. We provide different NFT project development services 
that include building custom solutions from scratch or integrating top-quality ready-made software into your product.

Experts in NFT utility

Highly skilled NFT developers from Blaize have been building custom blockchain solutions for 5+ years and have mastered the required technologies.

narrow specialization

Blaize specialists work exclusively with blockchain technology, so they deeply understand both well-established chains and innovative tools.

custom solutions

Our NFT development agency offers different engagement models, allowing our clients to choose what fits best. Hire the whole team or just a few specialists.

fast development

Blaize experts can 
start working within two weeks, offering established processes and full-stack turn-key services if that’s what you need.

Building NFT solutions for

all major

Media & Content delivery
Revenue Splitting
Traditional gaming

Major platforms

we work on









Our most common


Project-based Model

Get custom NFT platform development along with any 
other services you might need (expert consultations, product design, etc.) at a fixed price.

Dedicated Development Team

Get a dedicated team of blockchain developers working 
on your project according to 
our flexible time and materials payment scheme.

A short outline of

Our cooperation


Clarifying needs & requirements

With skilled analysts in the team, our NFT development company doesn't blindly follow requirements but helps you build the most efficient and budget-friendly solution.

Creating a concept
and a full strategy

All experts in our talented team have profound knowledge and understanding of the current market, which allows us to create successful marketplaces, games, and much more.

Design &

Our NFT development firm will help you build
a highly secure, unique product that will stand out among competitors, attract new users
and investors, and achieve new goals.

Final review
& fixes

With our highly skilled NFT development experts, you don’t need to ask for extra revisions. We’ll make sure that the product works flawlessly before the final deployment.

Product launch
and support

Blaize is one of the leading blockchain development companies that will support you throughout the whole development process and even after the product launch.

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faq section

How much do NFT development services cost?

The final cost of NFT development depends on many factors, including particular specifications of the project, tech stack, and the amount of time spent on the preparation, development, and deployment.

To find out the approximate price of your NFT project development, you may contact our team via the contact form below. As we get all the details, our specialists will calculate the project cost and get back to you as soon as possible.

Which services does your NFT development company offer?

Blaize experts offer the following NFT development services:
– NFT collection launch
– NFT marketplace development

– NFT gaming platform development
– NFT Play2Earn project development
– NFT-based DeFi protocol development

Besides, we provide many related services, including smart contract development and deployment, system support and maintenance, metadata storage, integrations, and more.

Can you help with custom NFT development?

Yes, we can build a custom system according to your requirements. Moreover, our analysts can check your concept and specifications to develop the most efficient and budget-friendly solution.

Where do I find qualified NFT development experts?

For high-quality NFT development, you can hire Blazie. Our team has over 5 years of experience building different blockchain solutions, including NFT collections, marketplaces, explorers, P2E games, etc. So far, we have successfully launched 3 NFT projects and released over 10 NFT collections.

Do you provide NFT marketplace development services?

Yes, our experts can build a full-scale NFT marketplace for your business. This will include developing payment methods, NFT collections, dashboards, and scheduling. Additionally, we can integrate several networks into the existing system. Contact our team for more details.

Can your team help with NFT gaming platform development?

Sure. Blaize specialists can take care of the entire NFT gaming platform development, including verified transactions, maintaining transparency, rarity, deploying smart contracts, game mechanics, and supporting NFT value. You can book a call or send us a message to learn more details and calculate the price of your NFT gaming platform development. 

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