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Software Development

The Blaize team provides complex NFT development services. We can help your business create a certain NFT collection, build a full-fledged NFT marketplace, a fascinating gaming platform, or even an entire ecosystem around your non-fungible tokens.

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About us

All Blaize employees view transparency, expertise and creativity as the core values. We believe that only by integrating into the client’s team and sharing these values can we achieve the best possible results and create the most efficient solutions. Try us and see for yourself!


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We provide different

NFT Development Services

Our skilled software engineers are experts at NFT token development, ensuring high-quality outcomes and swift delivery. With Blaize, you receive comprehensive project support from conception to deployment, emphasizing NFT development services.

NFT collection launch

We offer NFT services including storefront creation, token search functionalities, listings, filters, ratings, auctions, support for ERC721 & ERC1155 tokens, NFT explorers, metadata storage services, and wallet integrations.

NFT Marketplace Development

Create a full-featured NFT marketplace, incorporating payment provider integration, dashboards, and NFT collection explorers, alongside blockchain network integration.

NFT Gaming Platform Development

Elevate gaming experiences with our NFT development solutions, incorporating transaction verification, GameFi, game mechanic enhancements, smart contract integration, NFT inventory creation and NFT value support.


Blaize offers cutting-edge metaverse creation, integrating NFTs to enable vibrant, interactive digital worlds. Our service allows for immersive experiences in gaming, social, and virtual commerce, leveraging blockchain technology for unique, tokenized environments.

NFT-based defi protocol Development

We assist in maintaining liquidity with NFTs, developing NFT-based DeFi protocols, NFT bonds, deposit/loan positions, and lending solutions, enhancing NFT utility. And we power protocols with reliable price feeds and oracles for NFTs evaluation and price changes handling.

other related services

In addition to NFT development, we provide tokenization solutions to integrate NFT utility into your protocols, portfolios, and game inventories. Our services include leveraging ERC-6956, ERC-5773, and other advanced NFT standards for tokenization, metadata storage, and third-party integrations.

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Blaize, a pioneering NFT development company, excels in crafting bespoke solutions. As leaders in NFT innovation, our expert team tailors projects to client needs. From conceptualization to execution, we redefine the digital art landscape with cutting-edge NFT development services and insightful consulting

The task was to upgrade Nomo Fantasy Leagues' contracts, create a Fantasy NBA League dapp, and integrate with Polygon blockchain.

3 months

Blaize successfully developed and launched NFT Browser and NFT marketplace for the client

6 months

The task was to develop an NFL Fantasy Football Mega League which let users draft player NFTs, earning rewards on the Polygon network.

5 months

The development of the initial soulbound token MVP that will be later used in the closed beta for the Soul Search project.

3 weeks

Blockchain-based protocol for decentralized fantasy sports, combining NFTs, ERC-20 tokens, and a play-to-earn model for Nomo Fantasy Leagues.

6 months

Benefits of Non-Fungible Token development

for your business


Utilizing NFTs for fundraising is highly efficient, offering an alternative to traditional financial avenues. NFT development companies specialize in leveraging digital assets for investment opportunities.


NFT development enhances asset interaction and management across sectors. It offers gamification, secure tokenization of real-world assets, and streamlined operations, opening new investment avenues and improving efficiency.


Launching NFTs can significantly enhance brand visibility. NFT services provide innovative solutions for businesses looking to expand their customer base through unique digital collections.

Strong community

A well-executed NFT launch fosters community engagement. NFT development solutions aim to build a loyal following, amplifying brand advocacy and awareness.


for NFT development

Blaize emerges as a trusted ally in the realm of blockchain software development, delivering a broad spectrum of NFT development solutions, from crafting bespoke solutions to integrating high-quality existing software seamlessly into your projects.


Our seasoned developers, with over six years of experience, specialize in the NFT ecosystem, offering tailored blockchain solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of this sector.


Our team's exclusive focus on blockchain technology underpins our deep understanding of both established networks and the latest innovations, ensuring comprehensive expertise in the blockchain domain.


Blaize presents various engagement models, giving clients the flexibility to choose the approach that best suits their project needs, whether it involves hiring our entire team or selecting specific experts.


We're equipped to start projects within two weeks, leveraging efficient processes and full-scale turn-key services to expedite the development of NFT projects, ensuring timely and effective delivery.

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all major

Media & Content delivery
Revenue Splitting
Traditional gaming

Major platforms

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Our most common


Project-based Model

Explore our project-based NFT development model, offering customized marketplace development and a suite of additional services like expert consultations and product design – all conveniently bundled at a fixed price.

Dedicated Development Team

Engage with our dedicated team of skilled blockchain developers exclusively assigned to your NFT project. Embrace the flexibility of our time and materials payment scheme, allowing seamless collaboration and adaptation to evolving project requirements.

A short outline of

Our cooperation

Clarifying needs &

Our NFT development company, equipped with skilled analysts, goes beyond simply adhering to requirements. We collaborate to build the most efficient and budget-friendly solutions tailored to your needs.

Creating a concept
and a full strategy

Within our talented team, experts possess profound market knowledge, enabling us to craft successful marketplaces, games, and more. We focus on creating a concept and a full strategy that align with the current market dynamics.

Design &

Engage our NFT development company to construct a highly secure, distinctive product that stands out among competitors. We aim to attract new users and investors while helping you achieve your business goals through meticulous design and development.


We conduct a thorough final review, ensuring your product functions flawlessly before deployment. Also, all smart contracts and dApp elements pass the internal audit performed by our Security team.

Product launch
and support

As one of the leading NFT development companies, Blaize provides continuous support throughout the entire development process and extends assistance even after the product launch, ensuring sustained success for your venture.

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faq section

How much do NFT development services cost?

The final cost of NFT development depends on many factors, including particular specifications of the project, tech stack, and the amount of time spent on the preparation, development, and deployment.

To find out the approximate price of your NFT project development, you may contact our team via the contact form below. As we get all the details, our specialists will calculate the project cost and get back to you as soon as possible.

Can you help me to launch my collection?

Blaize specialists have deep expertise in development of custom NFTs, their drops and minting, loading of metadata into the decentralized storage and custom services for NFTs tracking.

Which services does your NFT development company offer?

Blaize experts offer the following NFT development services:

– NFT collection launch

– NFT marketplace development

– NFT gaming platform development

– NFT GameFi project development

– NFT-based DeFi protocol development

Besides, we provide many related services, including smart contract development and deployment, system support and maintenance, metadata storage, integrations, and more.

Can you help with custom NFT development?

Yes, we can build a custom system according to your requirements. Moreover, our analysts can check your concept and specifications to develop the most efficient and budget-friendly solution.

Where do I find qualified NFT development experts?

For high-quality NFT development, you can hire Blaize. Our team has over 6 years of experience building different blockchain solutions, including NFT collections, marketplaces, explorers,  GameFi, etc.

Do you provide NFT marketplace development services?

Yes, our experts can build a full-scale NFT marketplace for your business. This will include developing payment methods, NFT collections, dashboards, and scheduling. Additionally, we can integrate several networks into the existing system. Contact our team for more details.

Can your team help with NFT gaming platform development?

Sure. Blaize specialists can oversee the entire NFT gaming platform development, including verified transactions, maintaining transparency, rarity, deploying smart contracts, game mechanics, and supporting NFT value. You can book a call or message us to learn more details and calculate the price of your NFT gaming platform development. 

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