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DeFi Smart Contract Audit Services

Who we are?

About Us

Blaize.Security is a world class smart contract audit company specializing in DeFi smart contract audit, blockchain smart contract audit, and DeFi strategies due diligence.

Blaize.Security provides smart contract security auditing services and operates with the newest technologies in order to build a safe environment for blockchains and DeFi dApps. Blaize has over 5 years of experience working with different blockchain ecosystems and has successfully delivered more than 145 crypto projects.


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What Does Blaize Offer?

Smart contract auditing services

A detailed and comprehensive review of code and analysis of vulnerabilities as well as recommendations on their elimination. Vast list of supported languages (Solidity, Vyper, Rust, etc.). ERC-20 token security audit.

Code analysis and code review

The analysis of code clarity and consistency with an in-depth review and recommendations for further enhancements.

Blockchain auditing services

A thorough analysis of the core blockchain ecosystem and detection of potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses with a detailed guide on their elimination.

Technical due diligence

As a part of smart contract audit services we provide tech due diligence. A detailed independent inspection made by Blaize crypto auditors followed by the general assessment of the platform or protocol with a detailed description of a use case.

smart contract audit consulting

An expert review and analysis of the logic implementation along with detailed recommendations for possible improvements.

Why Your DeFi Project Needs a Smart Contract Audit

Protocol security has to be the top priority of any reputable project. With Blaize.Security, you will get a much-needed blockchain smart contract tech audit that will benefit your DeFi protocol.

  • Ensure top-notch security of your protocol.
  • Detect any vulnerabilities and find a way to fix them.
  • Improve smart contract performance.
  • Ensure correct integration into the DeFi ecosystem.
  • Boost your project’s credibility, ensure trust & respect.
  • Provide safe and secure liquidity flow in the protocol.

We provide smart contract security auditing services for









Secret Network




Audit example

At the end of each DeFi audit, you receive an extensive review containing all vulnerabilities, bugs, and security flaws found by our experts, as well as a detailed guide on how to eliminate them. We also provide you with a branded audit report published and shared among our social media channels for extra credibility.

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    Codebase update and bug fix support

    Blaize smart contract auditors provide you with a thorough and detailed guide on all the vulnerabilities found along with the list of possible ways of their elimination. We also guarantee client support during bug fixing processes. Thus, you know exactly how to fix all issues and ensure your smart contract security.

    As a smart contract auditing services company we try to do our work quickly and efficiently. Our team is interested in getting results, and this is our main goal.

    Security professionals

    Blaize has a dedicated team of blockchain and smart contract auditors with over 5 years of experience in this field. We specialize in cybersecurity and due diligence and operate with the newest technologies and tools in order to provide the safest and most efficient solutions.

    In-depth testing

    Our crypto audit company performs the full unit test coverage to ensure the completeness of the logic. In addition, we apply modern approaches in smart contracts testing using mainnet-fork scripts and such tools like Echidna, MythX, Vertigo, Scribble.

    Extensive framework

    Our blockchain audit company gather the most up-to-date knowledge and experience working with a long list of blockchains like Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC, Substrate, Polygon, Bitcoin, Tron, Solana, EOS and others.



    Our team will happily answer all your questions in the nearest possible time. Fill out the form or contact us via:

      Still have questions?

      READ FAQs

      Can you conduct a security audit of my crypto exchange or a crypto wallet?

      The Blaize team has a deep understanding and experience working with these DeFi tools. So, yes, we can provide a security audit for your crypto wallet and a crypto exchange security audit. 

      What types of smart contracts can you audit?

      Blaize can provide a full audit of the following smart contracts:

      • Solidity and Vyper smart contract for any EVM;
      • Rust-based contracts for Near, Solana, and Secret Network ecosystems; 
      • Modules and pallets for Substrate chains;
      • Motoko contracts for the Dfinity ecosystem.
      How can the smart contract be hacked?

      Here’s a brief list of the most common reasons for smart contract hacks:

      • standard vulnerabilities like reentrancy, denial of service, or overflows;
      • incorrect access control and roles systems; 
      • incorrect math and rewards calculations, inappropriate token amounts handling, accuracy mistakes; 
      • incorrect token transfer logic; 
      • loopholes in the business logic; 
      • architectural mistakes that lead to deadlocks or contract misuse.
      Can you share your company's smart contract audit examples?

      The information presented in the blockchain protocol audit reports is the intellectual property of our customers. For this reason, we always ask for the client’s permission to post the case on the Blaize website. 

      On this web page, you’ll find nearly 10 blockchain smart contract audit reports, including the examples of crypto exchange and crypto wallet security audits.

      How is your smart contract audit process built?

      We break the smart contract audit into several stages: 

      • security review by at least 2 auditors working separately; 
      • business logic review and architectural scheme recreation;
      • automatic tools analysis; 
      • full unit tests coverage; 
      • integration testing and specific user scenarios recreation; 
      • fuzzy testing and mutation testing (on demand);
      • formal verification (on demand).
      What time do you need to set up a dedicated smart contract auditors team for my project?

      We have dedicated time slots for each customer with a short waiting period of no longer than a week. So you can be sure that we’ll start to work on your project as soon as possible.

      How to choose and hire a reliable smart contract audit company?

      When considering an auditing team, you should pay attention to specific cases of the projects they audited in the past. This will allow you to see the number of audits they have worked on and estimate their experience. Besides, the size of the projects they audited before will help you understand whether the team is worth hiring since larger projects tend to attract more hackers. 

      Next, you should take a closer look at their portfolio to see if the company has conducted any audits on your chain. Also, check what kind of methodology and approach the auditor chooses to see if it suits you. 

      Finally, check several reports. A report of a reliable smart contract audit company should include a detailed description of all the issues that were found during the course of the investigation. Such a report must be well-structured, and understandable for most people.

      What information will my smart contract audit report include?

      Your report will include the following:

      • all security issues with the recommendation from auditors;
      • best practices recommendations;
      • clarifications for the unclear functionality;
      • business logic review summary and contracts scheme; 
      • a list of the performed tests;
      • audit summary;
      • used methodology.
      Where is your smart contract audit firm located? is a Ukrainian company with offices in Kyiv (26 Metalistiv street) and Dnipro (20 Sichovykh Striltsiv street), but now 30% of the team is located in Europe. We’ve been successfully developing and auditing international projects for 5 years, including 1inch, PeakDeFi, Celo, and others. As one of the best smart contract audit companies, we can say with confidence that our audits are highly appreciated by our clients.

      Do you provide Ethereum smart contract audit services?

      Yes. Blaize.Security has vast experience working with Ethereum based smart contracts and performing Ethereum smart contract audits. In addition, we have experience in conducting many other crypto token audits.

      How do I hire smart contract auditors?

      In order to start, please fill in the contact form and you will get FREE smart contract audit estimations in one day.

      How many audits of smart contracts have you done?

      Blaize.Security is an experienced team of auditors with over 5 years of experience on the blockchain market. We have conducted 42+ security audits already.

      Do you do technical due diligence?

      Yes. Blaize.Security smart contract auditors provide a detailed and independent investigation of the client’s protocol and prepare the general assessment with a report.

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