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Blaize.Security is a world class smart contract audit company specializing in DeFi smart contract audit, blockchain security audit, and DeFi strategies due diligence.

Blaize.Security provides smart contract auditing services and operates with the newest technologies in order to build a safe environment for blockchains and DeFi dApps. Blaize has over 5 years of experience working with different blockchain ecosystems and has successfully delivered more than 145 crypto projects.

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What Does Blaize Offer?

Smart contract auditing services

A detailed and comprehensive review of code and analysis of vulnerabilities as well as recommendations on their elimination. Vast list of supported languages (Solidity, Vyper, Rust, etc.). ERC-20 token security audit.

Code analysis and code review

The analysis of code clarity and consistency with an in-depth review and recommendations for further enhancements.

Blockchain auditing services

A thorough analysis of the core blockchain ecosystem and detection of potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses with a detailed guide on their elimination.

Technical due diligence

A detailed independent inspection made by Blaize auditors followed by the general assessment of the platform or protocol with a detailed description of a use case.

Smart contract security consulting

An expert review and analysis of the logic implementation along with detailed recommendations for possible improvements.

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At the end of each audit, you receive an extensive review containing all vulnerabilities, bugs, and security flaws found by our experts, as well as a detailed guide on how to eliminate them. We also provide you with a branded audit report published and shared among our social media channels for extra credibility.

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    Codebase update and bug fix support

    Blaize smart contract auditors provide you with a thorough and detailed guide on all the vulnerabilities found along with the list of possible ways of their elimination. We also guarantee client support during bug fixing processes. Thus, you know exactly how to fix all issues and ensure your smart contract security.

    Security professionals

    Blaize has a dedicated team of blockchain and smart contract auditors with over 5 years of experience in this field. We specialize in cybersecurity and due diligence and operate with the newest technologies and tools in order to provide the safest and most efficient solutions.

    In-depth testing

    Our security team performs the full unit test coverage to ensure the completeness of the logic. In addition, we apply modern approaches in smart contracts testing using mainnet-fork scripts and such tools like Echidna, MythX, Vertigo, Scribble.

    Extensive framework

    We gather the most up-to-date knowledge and experience working with a long list of blockchains like Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC, Substrate, Polygon, Bitcoin, Tron, Solana, EOS and others.



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      Do you provide Ethereum smart contract audit services?

      Yes. Blaize.Security has vast experience working with Ethereum based smart contracts and performing Ethereum smart contract audits.

      How do I hire smart contract auditors?

      In order to start, please fill in the contact form and you will get FREE smart contract audit estimations in one day.

      How many audits of smart contracts have you done?

      Blaize.Security is an experienced team of auditors with over 5 years of experience on the blockchain market. We have conducted 42+ security audits already.

      Do you do technical due diligence?

      Yes. Blaize.Security smart contract auditors provide a detailed and independent investigation of the client’s protocol and prepare the general assessment with a report.

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