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Pandora Boxchain: Creating a Decentralized Marketplace for AI/ML Technologies

Pandora Boxchain is an open-source project that creates a protocol for decentralized open markets within the AI/ML.


5 months


EVM-based blockchain with Prometheus consensus

Project Stage

Finished product


  • AI integration
  • Neural networks
  • Optimization with ML

Pandora Boxchain is an open-source project that creates a protocol for decentralized open markets within the AI/ML

The project empowers users to exchange AI/ML models, datasets, research, and knowledge securely using distributed ledgers and smart contracts. Pandora Boxchain is built on Prometheus consensus for generic computing and establishes an open and free market for software, computing power, and data. This project illustrates the utilization of blockchain technology in optimizing and securing the exchange of AI/ML resources.


The Pandora Boxchain project required two significant areas of development:

  • Development of smart contracts for a decentralized marketplace that enables the tokenization of AI/ML entities. The aim was to facilitate distributed AI computing in a secure environment.
  • Integration of AI/ML entities into the tokenization process. This involved packing neural network models into verifiable sets of parameters for storage in smart contracts and optimizing the tokenization process and token management between the marketplace and owners of the models using non-linear regression models.


  • Solidity
  • JavaScript
  • Truffle
  • Tokenization


  • Python
  • non-linear regression model
  • logistic regression model
  • neural networks

Project Architecture

Smart contracts played a vital role in the Pandora Boxchain project. Their implementation required experienced specialists with a deep understanding of smart contracts and their impact on protocol security and functionality.
The scheme below shows a part of the Pandora Boxchain marketplace’s architecture we followed during the cooperation with a project.

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The Development Process

Blaize’s team for this project was comprised of blockchain engineers, AI/ML specialists, back-end developers, front-end developers, QA experts, and DevOps specialists. The development process was executed in stages:


Data Gathering and Documentation:

Gathering requirements from the Pandora team and creating technical documentation.


Smart Contracts Development:

Creating and deploying smart contracts for the AI/ML marketplace.


AI/ML entities tokenization and ML optimization strategy:

Development of AI/ML entities (models, parameters, datasets, etc.) tokenization protocol; neural networks parameters packing and encoding for storage in smart contracts; optimization of tokenization process and assets management with ML models.


Testing and Deployment:

Testing the entire platform for security and performance before the final deployment.


  • Ensuring a trustless environment for neural network developers, dataset owners, and computing capacity owners to sell their services without intermediaries or censorship.
  • Implementing complex platform logic and workflows on a public blockchain.
  • Optimizing a large network with extensive off-chain computations for fee reduction.


In collaboration with Pandora Boxchain, we succeeded in developing a decentralized AI/ML marketplace. The platform features a robust system of interconnected smart contracts, enabling the tokenization process for AI/ML entities and the secure packing of neural networks into verifiable sets of parameters. Through optimization techniques, we streamlined the tokenization process and asset management. We are thankful to the Pandora Boxchain team for their collaboration and commitment to innovating within the AI/ML space. Blaize continues to lead the way in blockchain development and AI/ML integration.

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